The Real Arc Of The Covenant

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Bright blinding light shoots out of the casket, causing destruction and casting aside the Nazi influence. Looking away the hero in brown fedora knows he has won. This indelible image is what many have in mind when the Ark of the Covenant is considered. The reality is far less spectacular but far more power.

Constructed by the Israelites during their time of wandering as demanded by God, the Ark served as the physical embodiment of God on earth. Within the Jewish faith there were extreme penalties, usually death, for any form of desecration or misuse of it. Read more…

Who Really Made The Crystal Skulls?

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There’s plenty of unsolved mysteries left over from the ancient world. Did Atlantis ever really exist? If so, where is it? Who built Stonehenge? How did the ancient Egyptians manage to build the pyramids? But one of the most fascinating questions is one that many people have not heard of: who really made the crystal skulls?

The crystal skulls are exquisitely carved stones that have been made to resemble human skulls. Anyone who sees them immediately knows that there is something eerie, almost Read more…

The Power Of Crystals And Stones

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The power of crystals and stones is a foreign and intriguing concept to the majority of people as it is something that is part history and part folklore. This is one of the reasons why you can learn more about crystals and stones by visiting such areas that are contained within museums. This can give you a great overview of the history behind the lore of crystals and also help you better understand why many have believed, for centuries, that both have inherent powers Read more…

2012 And The Galactic Butterfly

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It flits from globular cluster to nebula, and the vast distances between galaxies take only seconds on its entirely imaginary wristwatch, whose band is crusted with inset stars. When this six-legged, winged wonder cleared Andromeda’s outer reaches last New Year’s Eve, it left 1000 gladdened, revitalized worlds in its wake.

Now, the Galactic Butterfly (Lepidoptera Caelum) approaches, crossing the Perseus Arm of our own Milky Way as I write, arriving mid-summer’s eve of this year, 23:09 GMT. It’s no invasion, friends. It’ Read more…

Magic And The New Age Mysteries

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The New Age, the central philosophy of many people during a spiritual reawakening during the latter part of the 20th century, referred to an age of peace and understanding that would grow out of the soil of the previous generations. However the term has grown to include any sort of fringe religion, alternative faith or magical practice, even ones that are devoid of religious trappings. Knowledge is the best tool you can have though, and Read more…

Stonehenge And Other Great Earth Works

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Stonehenge is one of many great earthworks spread across the planet. The stone faces on Easter Island, the Serpent Mound in the United States and the pyramids are other examples. Their purpose and construction has remained largely a mystery despite archaeology’s best attempts at explanation.

Admittedly ancient people had some time on their hands. With no Facebook updates to monitor or cable TV to while away the hours they could have conceivably come up with grand ideas to employ slave labor to haul and place multi-ton Read more…

The Mayan Calendar Ends On 2012

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The Mayan calendar is receiving a lot of attention this year because the cycle of calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Many people intrigued by the accuracy of this calendar fear this date, believing that it means the end of the year.

The truth is there are many things that are relevant about this calendar, but not in the ways that you may think.

The calendar is perfect in every manner, charting the course of the universe to the millisecond. NASA was only able to come up with the same calculations for planetary movement 11 years ago.
The calendar marks the end Read more…

Crystal Skulls Of The Ancient Maya

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Found in Mexico, Central and South America, are some of the most intriguing Mayan artifacts known as the 13 crystal skulls. There is a legend within the Mayan, Aztec and Native American cultures where these near-flawless skulls are concerned. They are made from rock crystal, which is nearly as hard as diamonds.

It is said that they are around 5,000 to 35,000 years old. Apparently, they hold mysterious properties within them. They have been said to cause people to fall into a state of hypnosis, hallucinate or have dreams.I found some more information